In-House Training Programs

Training programs with multiple sessions designed for larger groups in organizations

Executive Training & Coaching

Customized and confidential 1-on-1 personal training and coaching for senior executives

Team Workshops & Seminars

Single-day sessions for larger groups focused on a specific digital marketing topic

Guest Speaking & Events

Speaker and panelist for digital marketing conferences and industry events


Digital marketing represents one of the largest opportunities and challenges for organizations today.  While most businesses recognize the value of these new channels and technologies, few have developed the skill-set, tool-set, and mind-set required to excel.  This gap between market opportunity and organizational capability continues to widen, as only 48% of digital marketers today feel highly proficient in digital marketing.  One of the largest contributors to this gap is lack of investment in training: only 18% of marketers today take part in in-person courses compared to 82% who learn digital marketing on the job.

Kickframe offers a variety of training programs to address this gap and enable organizations and executives to thrive in digital marketing today.  Our programs help teams achieve stronger results and help marketers advance their careers through more effective digital marketing.  All training is designed and delivered by Tim Dolan, a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) with 18-years of international digital marketing experience.  Tim is an instructor of the Digital Marketing Certificate Program for the Canadian Marketing Association and has delivered customized training programs for organizations including OLG and Loblaw.