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Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp: Toronto


This intensive one-day course is a great way to quickly boost your Digital Marketing Strategy IQ.  It will provide you with an overview of the Canadian digital marketing landscape, an understanding of the primary tools in the digital marketer’s toolbox, and easy-to-use frameworks for developing strategies and plans for your organization.  The course cuts through the clutter of confusing digital jargon and buzzwords, and focuses on the strategic principles of digital marketing.  After taking this course, you will return to your organization with a stronger strategic grounding and greater level of confidence in digital marketing.



The course is designed for marketers and covers a broad range of digital marketing concepts in a highly interactive manner.  We will start with an overview of the state of digital marketing today, followed by a review of digital marketing tools and techniques.  We will then introduce a set of frameworks that can be used to pull these digital tactics together into integrated and measurable marketing strategies and plans.  To end the day, we will apply our learning by working together to solve a real-world digital marketing brief from a client visiting the class.



This course is ideal for those looking to increase their overall level of knowledge and confidence in digital marketing.  This includes people who have not had extensive exposure to digital marketing or have been out of the marketing field for a period of time.  This may also include digital marketers who are starting out in their careers or have been specializing on a specific area of digital.  Past participants include a broad mix of marketers from a variety of client-side, agency, start-up, and non-profit organizations. 



After completing the course, you will have:

  • An up-to-date perspective of how the digital marketing landscape is evolving, with relevant Canadian data points
  • An understanding of the primary digital marketing tactics and techniques that should be considered for marketing planning, including best-in-class examples
  • A set of strategic tools and resources to use immediately in your organization to help make more effective digital marketing strategy decisions
  • A new group of peers to add to your professional network from the local marketing community 
  • An increased sense of confidence in incorporating digital into your marketing strategy and plans


The course is designed and delivered by Tim Dolan, a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) and Certified Facilitator (IAF) with 18-years of international digital marketing experience.  Tim is an instructor for the Digital Marketing Certificate Program for the Canadian Marketing Association and has delivered customized training programs for organizations including Loblaw, OLG, TIFF and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  Tim is the founder of Kickframe, and has provided a wide range of digital strategy services to clients such as BMW, Nike, Nintendo, Vodafone, Virgin, Electronic Arts, Best Buy, Rogers, and BMO.  He is also a regular contributor to industry publications, a judge at digital award shows, and a speaker at digital marketing conferences.  



“Tim's ability to develop digital marketing professionals and drive to help them realize their potential is truly inspirational, stretching far beyond the responsibilities/capabilities of the average professor.”

- Digital Marketing Manager, Telus


“Tim is a highly organized, engaging, and knowledgeable instructor. I learned a great deal from his course and would recommend him to any person/business looking to broaden their digital marketing scope.”

- Digital Marketing Director, Publicitas


“Tim has an incredible teaching style that blends his knowledge and depth of experience of being at the genesis of Digital Marketing with his passion to teach others.”

- Head of Canada SMB Channel Sales, Google

“I have come to think of Tim as a colleague, mentor and advisor in the field of Digital Marketing and would highly recommend his courses and his teaching to anyone that also shares a hungry for what is to come in Digital.”

- Digital Marketing Consultant, Aviva


“Tim impressed me with his ability of taking complex digital marketing issues and presenting them in a way that is audience friendly, inspiring. I would definitely recommend Tim as an instructor to people with any level of industry knowledge. He was one of the best teachers I've ever had.”

- Senior Manager, Juice Mobile



The class will be held in a private space at the digital technology and entrepreneurship hub, BrightLane on King Street West.  The total number of participants will be capped to a size that is small enough to get to know each other and large enough to collaborate within different groups.  All participants will receive material prior to the class to prepare in advance, and a hard copy of all of the materials and exercises used throughout during the class.  Lunch, coffee, and ample refreshments will be provided throughout the day.



This workshop is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee as detailed in our Terms and Conditions.