Interested in Digital Strategy but don’t know where to start?

The Canada Council recently announced that it will invest $88.5M to support Canadian arts organizations in the area of digital transformation. The Digital Strategy Fund represents an incredible opportunity for organizations to explore how digital thinking and technology can propel them into the future. To do so, arts organizations first need to submit detailed grant applications for funding and find the right digital strategy consulting partner to make it happen. We can help you with both.

Kickframe helps organizations transform through digital strategy consulting and training services. Over the last 5 years, we have partnered with a number of arts organizations and non-profit groups including the TSO, WWF Canada, and Habitat for Humanity. If you are an arts organization that is interested in digital literacy, strategic planning, or organizational design we would love to hear from you.



Kickrame provides a range of consulting and training services that are eligible for grans through the Digital Strategy Fund:


“We don’t know what we don’t know.” We often hear this from clients in the arts sector when discussing digital strategy.  Kickframe offers a variety of training programs that address this knowledge gap by cutting through the clutter of confusing buzzwords to help boost the collective ‘Digital IQ’ of your teams.


Arts organizations need to look beyond the arts sector to transform.  Lessons from different industries can be applied to meet the changing (and increasingly digital) expectations of Canadians.  Our research and consulting services identify key digital trends, implications, and opportunities for your organization.


Digital strategies are only as effective as the teams implementing them.  Kickframe works with arts organizations to bring in modern operating principles and practices born from the digital start-up world.  This involves a mix of consulting and training on staffing models, agile process workflow, and digital collaboration tools.



Kickframe had the privilege of working with the TSO on a digital transformation mission.  The work involved imagining a future state experience through the lens of the guest.  A number of digital initiatives were identified, roadmapped, and executed in close collaboration with the TSO to achieve a number of goals including increasing revenue from ticket sales, contributions from donations, TSO brand equity, and overall marketing efficiency.

“Kickframe was an excellent digital strategy partner for the TSO. Through a combination of training and consulting, Tim helped the TSO take a big leap forward in its digital transformation.”

- David Postil, Vice President of Marketing, TSO


About Kickframe

Digital Strategy Fund

Kickframe was founded by Tim Dolan, a digital strategy executive with 20 years of international experience. Tim Dolan, MBA is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), Certified Training Practitioner (CTP), and former instructor for the CMA Digital Marketing Certificate Course.

“I’m so glad we partnered with Kickframe on Habitat for Humanity Canada’s digital strategy. Tim was incredible to work with - really thoughtful and collaborative - helping to distill complex concepts into easily digestible strategies.” Meghan Reddick - Vice President, Habitat for Humanity Canada

“Kickframe made a big impact at WWF-Canada in how we think about and use digital channels within our fundraising activities.” Carey Suleiman - Senior Director, WWF-Canada

“He’s a fantastic educator and facilitator who creates a dynamic and energetic environment that encourages people of all knowledge levels to succeed.”  Lara Skripitsky – Vice President, McDonald's Canada


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