New Course! Modern Marketing Briefs

Since I started Kickframe almost (gulp) 5 years ago, I have worked with a number of organizations (agency and client-side) interested in becoming stronger in digital strategy. My work with these clients typically considers how processes, tools, and people must evolve to bring more impactful ‘digital thinking’ upstream.

One area that I always focus on in these assignments is ‘the brief’ – how marketing initiatives are framed and shared by teams before execution begins. Despite all of the changes in the marketing landscape, briefing is an area that has not changed for many marketers. It should.

As I have written about before, there is a great opportunity for marketers to modernize their briefs to be more relevant and useful in the age of data, technology, and social media. Marketers can also evolve how they manage briefs to be more agile, integrated, and accountable. I have seen the positive impact from modernizing marketing briefs first-hand through my consulting work and strategic planning experience. So (drumroll please), I have decided to introduce a new course that trains marketers on a new set of planning tools they can use to modernize how they create and activate marketing briefs.

Unlike other courses that do a great job of training planners how to properly write creative briefs, this course focuses on how the brief and the briefing process needs to evolve to lead to more effective outcomes in 2019 and beyond. We will cover topics relating to different types of briefs (conceptual vs. tactical) and changes to marketing planning workflow. The course is ideal for marketers that have some experience creating or managing marketing briefs in marketing management, strategic planning, and account management roles.

The first Modern Marketing Brief course is scheduled for a half-day on November 27th in Toronto at The Spoke Club. If you are interested in more information, check out the course outline or contact me directly at and I can give you more scoop. Early bird tickets are available now. I am really excited for this new course – I hope to see some of you there :-)