Digital Strategy Challenge Questions

Am I even asking the right questions? 


A situation that I often come across when speaking with senior marketers is that they often feel unclear and/or unconfident in developing their digital marketing programs.  Since senior marketers are typically responsible for overseeing all aspects of their integrated marketing programs (among many other things), they do not have the time to get into the weeds and contribute heavily towards the different digital aspects of their marketing programs.  This lack of bandwidth, combined with a lack of regular exposure to new technology and trends can limit senior marketers.  Often, they find themselves in the uncomfortable position of (a) accepting the direction of their agencies/teams without challenge or (b) challenging digital marketing decisions without confidence. 


A large part of the training that I provide is to equip such marketers with a greater level of competence and confidence in guiding their digital marketing strategies.  One transfer tool that I often use to in this area is a list of ‘Challenger Questions’.  These are strategic questions that senior marketers may ask their teams and/or agencies when developing a digital strategy.  The answers back should be clear and sound.  Digital Strategists may also ask themselves these questions, to ensure that their recommendations are complete and defensible (before their clients ask them first).  The following is a synthesis of a few Challenger Questions, some of which are focused on specific facets of digital marketing and others that are of a higher-order.