Presentation @ Service Design Toronto

A few months ago, Linn and Elina from Service Design Toronto invited me to give a talk at one of their great events.  Service Design is a fascinating field that shares plenty with the disciplines of User Experience and Customer Experience Design.  If you are interested in more background on how these fields relate, or just enjoy a good ‘ol messy Venn Diagram check out this Forrester post.

The focus of my presentation was on how to use customer experience mapping to identify insights that can lead to digital marketing opportunities, among other things.  I used my work with the TSO as a case study—an organization that is receiving well-deserved praise of late for truly embracing a digital-first approach to marketing.  I presented this work along with a few of my awesome collaborators on this project, Alex Grunwald and Rob Tilley.  It was a lot of fun.  If you’re interested in this type of thing, follow @servicedesignTO to find out about their next event and / or tap through our presentation below.