Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp

I have some exciting news to share: I will be hosting my first Kickframe training event!  Over the past 5 years, I have designed and delivered hundreds of hours of training for a number of clients and on behalf of marketing organizations.  This time, I will be overseeing the training experience entirely and opening it up to any interested participant.  The Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp will take place over a full day on May 12th in Toronto.

Designing the session has been a fantastic process.  I have incorporated a number of elements that I know from past experience work really, really well.  I have also tried to design the overall experience to be refreshing for participants, by addressing a lot of the things that I find frustrating or underwhelming from typical training courses.  Specifically, the Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp has been designed to be:

  • Interactive: the format will be live and in-person with a high degree of participation from everyone, to encourage shared learning and professional networking.
  • Strategic: the training materials are based on strategic marketing principles, rather than starting from the latest digital tactic or digital buzzword.
  • Actionable: the guidance and tools provided are practical for marketers, and the session will involve participants working together on a brief from a visiting guest ‘client’. 

Finally, the session is designed to be really enjoyable—with no cold sandwiches or stale coffee served on a boardroom table.  If you are spending a full-day at a Kickframe event, it is important to me that you feel that it is a great investment (hence the 100% satisfaction guarantee).

The detailed course description and enrolment form can be found under my fancy new Events tab or my Eventbrite Page. If you know anyone interested in increasing their Digital Marketing Strategy IQ, please share.  And if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I hope to see some of you there!