Audience Targeting Opportunity Map

I recently put on a seminar hosted by the CMA called Creating Your Digital Strategy, in Toronto.  It was an intensive full-day session that included over 30 senior-level marketers across a variety of industries.  The session was focused on helping marketers understand and apply Guiding Principles for digital marketing, with a view to creating their own strategies and plans within their organizations.

One of the Guiding Principles that we covered during the seminar involved using data to fuel creativity and relevance.  From a tactical perspective, we spent time discussing the opportunities that marketers have to leverage a growing set of data points, ad tech tools, creative formats, and media canvases.  I find this space very exciting and have seen fantastic creative concepts and performance results from programs that made smart use of audience targeting.  I also find that this space can be quite confusing as marketers, agencies, and media companies struggle to create plans under the ambiguous shadow of Big Data.  In an effort to try and inspire and structure smart conversations about how data can fuel creativity and relevance I put together an Audience Targeting Opportunity Map.

In the same vein as the Mobile Opportunity Map, it includes many of the key areas that are available to marketers today to target customers and create more relevant and profitable connections.  While certainly not exhaustive, I hope that you might find it useful as a periodic table of sorts—providing you with a powerful targeting 'element' to include in your marketing campaigns (pun intended).  Since the session sold-out and generated very positive feedback (and was so much fun to do), we will be putting it on again in the Fall.  The CMA (@cdnmarketing) and I will be sharing more details closer to the date.