Mobile Opportunity Map

The area that I find the most interesting and challenging in my consulting and teaching is ‘mobile’.  As a topic, it is difficult to clearly frame since it in equal parts refers to specific devices (the platforms used by people to engage), specific tactics (the activations used that are designed for those platforms), and specific contexts (the use-cases specific to people beyond their desktops).  Throw in the frenzied interest and confusion around topics such as responsive design, beacons, and the Internet of Things, and you have incredibly exciting, yet murky waters.

Something that I recently created to try and untangle this topic is what I call a Mobile Opportunity Map.  In it, I try to lay out what I see as the unique areas of potential advantage that mobile presents for businesses and marketers.  Each opportunity area is organized into one of three groups: (1) The Device, (2) The Context, and (3) The Ecosystem.  I plan to use this as a catalyst in my sessions with clients to ensure that we probe and explore the many different ways that we can unlock value through mobile—and there are many.

As always, would love to hear any feedback that you may have.  Hopefully it unlocks some opportunities for you, too.