Connecting the Dots

So…new company, new blog, first post.  No pressure.


Where to start?  Well if you are reading this, I will assume that you are at least in some way curious about what Kickframe is and what we are up to.  So by way of introduction, the ‘we’ is me: Tim, the founder.  I started Kickframe in 2014, as a way to more effectively work with organizations trying to, in many ways, ‘connect the dots’ in digital.


There has never been a more exciting time to be an organization aiming to acquire, engage, and service customers through digital media and emerging technology.  It has also never been more challenging.  Companies who have been active in digital for many years are now struggling to find the most effective ways to orchestrate their growing portfolios of assets, programs, and activities.  For organizations and start-ups new to digital, it is difficult to determine even where to begin.  Add to that the fundamental strategic challenges of aligning short and long-term business objectives with customer needs and brand attributes, and you see where I am going.  When it comes to digital, the problems are becoming more complicated at the same time the opportunities are becoming more potent.   Kickframe was founded on the belief that organizations need to work with independent and specialized digital strategy partners to help navigate this changing landscape, to make better choices and achieve better results.


In 2005, Steve Jobs famously told Stanford graduates that life makes more sense looking backwards, as it is only then when you can connect the dots.  Starting Kickframe at this point in my career represents a relatively straight line.  I love collaborating with curious people to find creative solutions for complicated problems.


So welcome to Kickframe (and the blog). I hope to connect with you soon.