Reframing Frameworks

As a strategist, I have worked with and developed a variety of different strategic frameworks.  Some are well known and frequently used, others are created or customized to suit a specific task.  I am fascinated by them.  When the right framework meets the right problem and project environment, they are incredibly efficient and effective tools to make better decisions.  When too simple, too complex, or somehow off-target they are counterproductive.  (Disclosure: over the course of my career, I am equal parts guilty of oversimplifying the complex, and complexifying the simple!) But when they work, they work well:

  • Providing clear focus on a relevant core problem
  • Illustrating unseen relationships and dimensions regarding a particular decision
  • Allowing input from stakeholders to be captured in a relevant and efficient way


So, as I kick-start Kickframe, one project that I am embarking on (and inviting your participation in) is the development of a sort-of ‘open source’ digital strategy toolbox.  The goal of this project is to provide a set of strategic frameworks that will be useful to marketers, facilitators, and organizations trying to make better decisions in the area of digital strategy.  However, the process for getting there will be different than the traditional publishing approach, it will be:

  • Open: I will be posting the initial topic list and the work-in-progress.
  • Collaborative: I invite and will publish (with your permission) your feedback along the way.
  • Ongoing: I (make that ‘we’!) will continue to add, update, and use frameworks over time.


So wipe down your whiteboard and/or sharpen your pencil, let’s get started.  

Next up, draft topic list.